Battery For Samsung Galaxy Core 2 (2000mAH)

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TROUBLE SHOOTING TIPS • We ask you to use an original company charger to charge your mobile and our battery any other than original charger can affect your battery and mobile drastically • Check if there is any dust in the connector or if any pin is broken or not. Also check for any corrosion in contact and plug. Clean the plug using IPA or swabs. Make sure you use ESA safe ----- only • Charge the battery for at least 12 hours before using it for first time. • Please use original charger or professional battery charger. • Don't place your battery near a heat source. Excessive heat can damage the phone battery The battery could become very hot. • Always charge the battery at near room temperature(0°-45°) • Do not disassemble or modify the battery for any other purpose. • Do not expose the battery to liquid or subject to strong mechanical shocks. Do not charge the battery more than 24 hours. • If the problem is still not solved then check the mobile phone PCB current consumption _If all fails then you have 10 days to replace or return the battery from the date of delivery Permalink:

MPNCore 2 (2000mAH)
Part NumberCore 2 (2000mAH)
Product GroupCE
PublisherBEST EVER
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